In February 2006, Our great Pug died of heart failure. So, a friend (Teacup breeder) gave me her Teacup poodle puppy to comfort us for our lost. Our Vet technician suggested I give a try to the small breed dog that’s the Teacup poodle breed. That I did and to my greatest surprise, these wonderful intelligent creatures bonded so easily with us and since then, I have always moved along with them very well without looking back.

Owning these beautiful dogs have enabled me to meet some very wonderful people. I became sad when my Vet decided to discontinue and retire as vet technician after 25 years of service.. I however was so excited when he turned over his great skills to me and he continued to advise me on how to care and raise this precious teacup breed. Sometimes, surprises are unwelcome and we want our poodles puppies to be a welcomed addition in your home or any home they go. It is not our primary job to breed and sell puppies, I work as a Fashion Photographer and my partner is a truck driver but we plan to become full time breeders as soon as we both retire. We always understand and put into consideration all the factors to be put into consideration when making the decision on buying or adding a new puppy to your family. For this reason we support you during this period so that you don’t make the wrong choice. We will walk you every step of the way because we feel that we understand the Teacup poodle breed better than you do.